Camarico Group Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Cerus Energy Group Ltd. ( TSX-V: CEA )

Integrated investments in medical and recreational marijuana interests

The Market Opportunity

Canada has embraced and is at the forefront of marijuana culture. The Government of Canada has forged a path through their commitment to medical marijuana and a federally approved recreational marijuana industry. The implementation of such legislation opens to the door for a first to market opportunity - an opportunity to consolidate interests in existing business sectors for the convergence and most importantly, the cross-pollination of the marijuana industry. Read more.

Private Equity Overview

Camarico Group is a comprehensive private equity group for the integrated investment of medical and recreational marijuana interests. The Group utilizes joint venture, collaboration, equitable investment and asset development to enhance the serviceability and profitability of its investments from the construction, supply, grow room, and to the end consumer.

Camarico's Mission

The mission of Camarico is the development of a complete asset portfolio within the Canadian medical marijuana market in preparation for federal approval for recreational marijuana in Canada, and eventually the United States. This portfolio will maximize strategic relationships in order to achieve focused investment in the following key areas, including but not limited to; crop production, wholesale, distribution, supplies, branded edibles, beverages and retail related goods.