Camarico Group Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Cerus Energy Group Ltd. ( TSX-V: CEA )

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About Camarico Group

Company Overview

Camarico Group is a comprehensive private equity group for the integrated investment of medical and recreational marijuana interests. The Group utilizes joint venture, collaboration, equitable investment and asset development to enhance the serviceability and profitability of its investments from the construction, supply, grow room, and to the end consumer.

Our Approach

Camarico creates equitable value and multiple revenue streams through the strategic investment of medical and recreational marijuana and related activities. The company is using its Canadian operations to build brand recognition, market share and equitable strength in order to dominantly enter the United States recreational market in the event it becomes federally approved.

The Marketing Plan

The company has a two-tiered marketing plan focused on Camarico and specific mission set Branded Divisions.

Camarico is structured to service both early investors and institutional based investors. Our goal is to create a stable return and forecasted growth strategy that promotes an attractive return based on equity appreciation and dividend growth.

Branded Divisions will be promoted as a gender natural marketing strategies, based on millennial trends and a classic Generation X and Boomers strategy, that is centered on product awareness, quality and value.

The Team

The Company has assembled a diverse team with successful track records in the food industry, product development, manufacturing, construction, energy and investment banking. Management will be comprised of a small dynamic team for optimal efficiency and rapid capitalization of strategic opportunities.

Management will be complemented, as required, with mission specific special advisors to achieve both strategic and market objectives.

Our Mission

The mission of Camarico is the development of a complete asset portfolio within the Canadian medical marijuana market in preparation for federal approval for recreational marijuana in Canada, and eventually the United States. This portfolio will maximize strategic relationships in order to achieve focused investment in the following key areas, including but not limited to; crop production, wholesale, distribution, supplies, branded edibles, beverages and retail related goods.