Camarico Group Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Cerus Energy Group Ltd. ( TSX-V: CEA )

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Camarico Interests

The Market Opportunity

Canada has embraced and is at the forefront of marijuana culture. The Government of Canada has forged a path through their commitment to medical marijuana and a federally approved recreational marijuana industry. The implementation of such legislation opens to the door for a first to market opportunity - an opportunity to consolidate interests in existing business sectors for the convergence and most importantly, the cross-pollination of the marijuana industry.

The true market opportunity is the use of Canada as a launch point and platform in preparation for the eventual Federal adoption of marijuana across the USA. By capitalizing on the Canadian opportunity Camarico will prepare its portfolio and branded interest for market participation in the USA and with an eye for the greater world market.

The Portfolio Investments

Aggro Manufacturing Ltd.

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Lomac Canada Inc.

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Camarico Land & Development Corp.

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Canadian Botanical Distributors Ltd.

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